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Floral Shorts
Anchors, Stripes, & Pink
Head to Toe
The Big Apple

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How would you rock a neon necklace?

  • Also have to comment on the denim post, It's SO easy to DIY and experiment with because it's really durable and takes to gluing and stitching a lot better than most other fabrics (especially sheer and stretchy ones) Hence why my two best friends have been a glue gun and clear gemstone glue in this entry: ... and this one, respectively: 
  • I like my neon rocks DIY style, as demonstrated in these two "DIY double whammy" posts: Neon's so much more versatile than most people think, including me initially, you can put together a near- monochrome outfit or just black and white and just use it as your centrepiece. I've found it's pretty powerful!